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At Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai, we are committed to ensuring that every patient enjoys the high standard of care and comfort during their stay with us. The hospital has been designed specifically for patients with visual impairments; the layout, lighting and colours have all been carefully selected to make mobility around the hospital as easy as possible.
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Patient Experience

Moorfields aims to make the whole experience of visiting the hospital as pleasant as possible for patients. All of our patients will be greeted in each department and given clear instructions in the hospital during each stage of the visit, ensuring a high degree of personal attention and guidance at all times.


Our receptionist and patient management officers are available 6 days a week to answer your calls, queries and to book appointments for you quickly and efficiently. If you wish to leave a message, we will return your call in a timely manner.

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Appointment Day

Process for new and returning patients visiting Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai.

If you are attending Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai for a consultation for the first time, we would like to inform you that, in order for us to provide you with the most comprehensive eye health assessment possible, and in line with our clinical guidelines and standards of care, the below process is followed for all new patients. If you are a returning patient, only some of the below may apply, on a case-by- case basis, depending on your treatment history, initial findings, and advice from your treating health care professional. Please note that all information obtained is recorded electronically and reviewed by the doctor prior to your consultation.

  • The nurse will check your general vital signs: weight, blood pressure and their ophthalmology equivalent: vision, eye pressure and measures your glasses prescription, if you wear glasses.
  • As per treating doctor (ophthalmologist) request, the nurse will carry out necessary investigations such as visual fields, eye photography, and/ or other tests, to be completed before your consultation with your doctor.
  • You may then need to be assessed by an optometrist, and/or an orthoptist, who will check your vision, movement of your eyes and your glasses or contact lenses.
  • The nurse or optometrist may need to instill dilating drops into your eyes prior to your consultation with your doctor to allow a proper check of the back of your eye, this may take up to 50 minutes.
  • Once dilation is complete, the doctor will review the findings and complete the eye assessment by shining bright light in your eyes, check the overall health of the eyes, and explain your results in detail.

We strive to keep your wait time at a minimum, and we appreciate your patience and trust in us.

Please provide your feedback at the end of your visit on one of our screens located throughout the hospital, or verbally to one of our staff members, patient feedback is regularly reviewed, and taken very seriously, to ensure the highest possible patient satisfaction rates.


All of our patients are day cases, which means that patients are discharged from the hospital on the same day as treatment. Moorfields provides a comfortable and private recovery area where you can relax close to your family until you are ready to leave. In addition, the hospital provides a comprehensive follow-up programme for patients, where necessary, after surgery. We also have an emergency contact number that will be provided post surgery if required for use for out of office hours.

Overseas Patients

Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai warmly welcomes all overseas patients and has a dedicated team, which provides them with the standard of care in addition to assistance/guidance in booking appointments/accommodation.
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