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At Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai we focus on delivering a world class level of patient care and we very much appreciate the positive feedback we regularly receive from so many of our patients. Below is a selection of patient testimonials and positive feedback, they bear testimony to the skill and dedication of our doctors and support team, as well as the quality of our facilities.

The service of the Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai Medical and Support teams

Fabulous, amazing team.

I have visited Moorfields Eye Hospital and I would like to thank the outpatient department especially Mr. Ahmad x, Madam Tasneem, Mr. Abdulrahman and on top Mr. Waleed, wishing all of them success and best of luck.

Once again fantastic customer care and professionalism. Thank you. It was a pleasure meeting Dr Mark and as always Abdelrahman on cashier department was brilliant, patient and helpful. Many thanks!

An excellent hospital, a wonderful Doctor.

Very professional and staff very attentive.

Nursing staff and receptionists all very professional

Very satisfied with everyone and everything. Many thanks

Very easy and smooth interaction with all staff at Moorfields. Thanks!

Very happy with the surgery and first time not to feel pain during the surgery and injection. All information given by the doctor and my daughter rose very informative. Thankful and looking forward on this outstanding hospital.

Am really happy my surgery and I would definitely recommend Moorfields to my friends.

As I have made several visits to the hospital, I would like to draw your attention to the nurse named Rose. She has an exceptionally kind and patient personality. Rose gives a very personal service and is well informed with a very caring and nurturing manner. Many thanks for the best experience in Moorfields to date. Rose is an absolute asset to Moorfields Hospital. Thank you.

Humble and polite staff, great hospitality too.

Great services, awesome doctor and the staff. Staff was very courteous and friendly.

Dr, Irfan changed our daughter’s life, he has done all the options before he recommended surgery, and thank god everything is successful, very blessed.

Excellent treatment and the doctor is a very good listener.

Special thanks to Sharon & the theatre nurses – such beautiful hearted people.

DK and all the team is very helpful and friendly, thanks everyone.

Excellent consultation always helpful and professional.

Outstanding service. Professional and warming. Dr Khan has a fantastic bedside manner and a brilliant sense of humor. The theatre staff were so kind and caring. Thank you all so much!

….my husband used your service yesterday. He found it exemplary in every way. The reception staff. The nurses.

The tea and coffee. The visiting Doctor. The consultation. Everything was perfect. I would like you to know how wonderful we think Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai is.

“We just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you so much for looking after x yesterday. The whole team were so caring and professional. I’m sure, that what could have been a very rough day was made a whole lot easier because of you all. X has had a reasonable nights sleep. Her eyes seem to be getting better and other than being tired with sensitive eyes she seems to be comfortable. She is giving us a hard time with the drops but hoping that becomes easier as time goes on. We are booked in to see you again on 20th December all being well. Thank you once again.”

“Soumia is unique and skilled”

…I completely respect Dr. Avinash as he is an outstanding expert and a very caring doctor. The staff are also very nice and accommodating.

Dr. Dk was really excellent, explained the details well.

Dr. Paola has been a great source of support both medically and emotionally. I wish to express my gratitude to the doctor and the hospital staff for their continued help and assistance throughout the treatment. Thanks.

“I would like Dr. Murali to know that his suggestion of changing my eye drops to Artelac Advance was very helpful. My dry eye/watery eyes immediately improved“

“All good and Dr. Osama very good and he explain all detail before doing surgery”

“Dipa was an excellent person”

“The procedures performed by Dr. Paola from angiogram to the actual surgery was exceptional!, completed with explanations and the aftercare undertaken was of high standards! The assistant nurse Carlo was superb during prep and post-surgery.”

“Dear Kani, I just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for the quick advice and arrangement for my visit to Moorfields. It worked out very well and both doctor Murali and Avinash were very helpful and have put me on a path to recovery. Seems the diagnosis of the doctor I saw in Egypt was correct but the suggested course of treatment was incorrect. Thank you and I hope to see you when I come for a follow up on 15 May!”

“We did not get a chance to see you before we left yesterday, so I just wanted to send a quick email to say a huge Thank you to you and your team. We are very grateful to you for looking after x. Your caring and professionalism got us all through a very tough day. Please pass on our thank you’s.”

“Katy is incredibly skilled with babies. Helen and the philipino gentleman have incredible customer service skills and Dr. Irfan was both clear and thorough.”

I would like to thank Angela Rodriguez for her assistance and great job. She is very professional and she is a role model for how to deal with patients. She explains everything in an efficient and friendly manner. She does an excellent job.

I always feel well looked after at Moorfields. The doctors do not rush you and explain also the medical terms, if asked. Thanks a lot.

The cleanliness and comfort of the waiting area

Beautiful space. Thank you. Special thank you to the beautiful lady who offers everyone coffee. She is such an asset to the team – always with a smile on her face in a very busy practice.

Great environment, very friendly and everyone is professional.

The length of time you waited for the Dr

I’m most happy with the wait. It shows the Dr care & gives his time to all patients.

The patient experience

Everything is perfect from start to finish no hassle or related customer process, this is my first time but it was the best first impression I had.

A wonderful patient experience from the start to the finish of my treatment.

One of the best experiences I had in the domain of healthcare in Dubai.

“Saw Dr Igor. Very happy”

“Dr Murali is very cooperative and he did me a great surgery with very good outcome and he has been following up very nicely , thanks a lot”

“I wish to thank Moorfields eye hospital for the great services and I wish to thank Dr. Osama Giledi for his great support and excellent service and eye treatment. I wish you all continued prosperity.”

“Highly pleased with everything.”

“Excellent hospital , Dr Igor is excellent in dealing with patients as well as all nursing team”

“Excellent as always. Professional, caring and dedicated staff.”

“Thank you for great service with Kani and thanx to Ahmed from cashier”

“Excellent service friendly approach. Supportive and very helpful and understanding”

“I was happy to work with with Dr Osama , Nina, Rose and Latifa.”

“Definitely like to say that our experience with Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai was simply outstanding – the service was great, the doctors we met were quite helpful/caring (Dr. DK & Paul Geelen), the appointment process was fast and smooth, the hospital services in general were literally beyond my expectations.”

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