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Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai delivers a wide range of services from simple eye tests to complex eye surgery. Experienced eye specialists in their respective fields carry out all procedures.

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The facilities at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai set the benchmark for eye care in the Middle East. The hospital can deliver quality service for approximately 20,000 outpatient consultations and 5,000 surgical procedures a year.

Surgical Procedures

Moorfields Dubai carry out a number of surgical procedures. The following conditions are treated at MEHD by the appropriate specialist:
Vitreoretinal, Laser Refractive Surgery, Oculoplastics, Cornea, Glaucoma.
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Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai offers patients a series of examinations that test vision (from the simple to the more complex) and function of the eyes while also looking at the health of the eye and overall vision system. Together, these examinations provide a comprehensive view of the state of the patient’s vision and eye health.
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The investigation procedures at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai take a deeper look into every part of the eye and surrounding area. Using sophisticated scanning equipment, highly accurate patient records are created to determine an appropriate treatment plan.
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Parents & Children

Many children have eye disorders, the vast majority of which are treatable. Early diagnosis is essential before they impact on your child’s quality of life and performance at school.
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The importance of regular eye examinations
Ask yourself three questions about the state of your eyes. Why examine the eyes? Routine eye examina...
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Importance of regular eye checks
It is recommended that you have an eye examination once every two years unless advised otherwise by ...
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Eye Test Dubai
It’s time to have an eyesight test, so let’s visit the eye Doctor. Some of us may have wondered ...
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Blocked Tear Duct. The tear ducts start at the inner corner of the eye with two small holes in the c...
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An Ocularist makes and fits artificial eyes. Our aim at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai is to create a...
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Patients who need further specialist treatments for their eyes go to an Ophthalmologist. An Ophthalm...
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Children who need to see an eye Specialist will initially go for a review with an Orthoptist –...
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Patients who need to have a vision test or have glasses/contact lenses fitted to correct their visio...
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Medical Retina Clinics
The team in this service treats conditions at the back of the eye, which are treated medically using...
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Low Vision Aids
Where good vision cannot be achieved with spectacles or contact lenses, patients can be assessed in ...
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Paediatric Cataract
Our paediatric team can manage complex congenital cataracts. The management of congenital cataract i...
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Anti-angiogenic (anti-VEGF) drugs
This treatment involves having an injection into your eye to treat certain retinal conditions that c...
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Corneal cross-linking
Corneal cross-linking (CXL) is a treatment for patients with keratoconus which can prevent their con...
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This is an operation to form a new tear drain between your eye and nose when there has been a blocka...
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Having a cataract is a bit like having a dirty windscreen on a car. It can make the view cloudy or f...
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