Children who need to see an eye Specialist will initially go for a review with an Orthoptist – a health professional who specialises in eye movement problems and disorders that affect how the eyes work together.

These conditions are typically diagnosed in childhood; so Orthoptists are highly experienced in examining children of all ages and they play a central role in the evaluation and treatment of childhood eye disorders.

It is the Orthoptist who comes to school to do the vision screening of pupils. In an orthoptic examination, an Orthoptist will perform an assessment which includes checking for vision clarity (20/20, 20/40 vision…etc), whether eyes are functioning and moving together and detecting any abnormal conditions such as lazy eyes.

Orthoptists are not medical doctors but are highly skilled Specialists.

Patients who go to an Optometrist to be checked for glasses; an Orthoptist to examine a lazy eye; or an Ophthalmologist to perform laser eye surgery, all have one thing in common. They benefit from a team of eye care Specialists that work closely together to help maintain good eye health and provide skilled diagnoses and treatment when needed.

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