Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai offers ‘laser for less’ 20% reduction on vision correction surgery, along with in-depth patient assessment and consultation

24 January 2016 (Dubai, United Arab Emirates): Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai has launched a special offer for patients considering laser vision correction procedures, covering both LASIK and LASEK/PRK surgeries. The offer is a 20% reduction in the cost of the surgery. Laser eye surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures performed. It is quick, effective and life-changing for people who can stop wearing glasses and contact lenses, after surgery.

Moorfields’ consultants undertake a comprehensive consultation, eye examination and assessment to ensure that both patient and consultant are in agreement to go ahead with the procedure.

To qualify for the special offer, candidates (minimum age 18) should book and attend an assessment by 31st January 2016 and the surgery will be carried out by February 29th, 2016. The offer is subject to the assessment results to determine suitability for the procedure, and terms & conditions.

Lasik surgery involves creating a thin superficial layer called a ‘flap’ and the latest advanced lasik technique – Femtosecond Lasik – is safer than previous techniques and patients should confirm that their surgeons are using this latest technique, advises Moorfields.

Dr. Osama Giledi, Consultant Ophthalmologist and a Specialist in Cornea and Refractive Vision Correction Surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai, commented: “People often decide to undergo vision correction surgery at the start of a new year, as part of a commitment to self-improvement and Moorfields wants to ensure that candidates clearly understand the possible options, results and side-effects. Patients should only have this surgery once in their lives and so they should make sure that they are getting the right treatment for the desired result. All laser

vision correction surgeries work by reshaping the cornea but not all laser vision correction results are the same and patients and consultants must work together to ensure a clear understanding of the purpose of the surgery.”

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