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The importance of regular eye examinations

Ask yourself three questions about the state of your eyes. Why examine the eyes? Routine eye examinations are an important part of maintaining healthy eyes and preventing potential eye diseases from developing. Some eye diseases do not cause symptoms and

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Importance of regular eye checks

It is recommended that you have an eye examination once every two years unless advised otherwise by your Optometrist. An eye examination will not only detect problems with your vision, but it can also uncover a number of other underlying

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Eye Test Dubai

It’s time to have an eyesight test, so let’s visit the eye Doctor. Some of us may have wondered what it means exactly to have an eye examination and who actually performs it. Many of us believe there is a

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An Ocularist makes and fits artificial eyes. Our aim at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai is to create a hand-crafted eye with a very natural look indistinguishable from the real eye. Made from acrylic, these artificial eyes are very strong, easy

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Patients who need further specialist treatments for their eyes go to an Ophthalmologist. An Ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specialises in the medical and surgical care of the eyes, visual system and in the prevention of eye diseases and

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Children who need to see an eye Specialist will initially go for a review with an Orthoptist – a health professional who specialises in eye movement problems and disorders that affect how the eyes work together. These conditions are typically

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Patients who need to have a vision test or have glasses/contact lenses fitted to correct their vision, go to an Optometrist. An Optometrist is a health care professional who is licensed to provide primary eye care services. Optometrists examine and

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