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Uveitis is inflammation inside the eye and affects women, men and children. Though relatively uncommon, it can be serious with complications that can cause loss of vision. It is estimated that the more serious types of uveitis are responsible for

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The retina is a thin layer of tissue that lines the back of the inside of the eye, located near the optic nerve. The role of the retina is to change the light focused on to it by the eye’s

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Itchy Eyes

What does it mean when your eyes are itchy? Usually, itchy eyes are the result of an allergy although there are other possible causes, depending on the symptoms. What are the causes? Itchy eyes are generally caused by an allergy
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Cosmetic Eye Surgery

There are around 250,000 blepharoplasty procedures done every year, making it the most common cosmetic surgery done on the eyelids, in the world But the results of the surgery can differ very broadly from one patient to the next. An

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Laser Eye Surgery

Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai provides refractive laser eye surgery with all the latest techniques and is a referral centre for complications. Refraction When the focusing power of the eye does not allow you to see clearly, there is a refractive

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LASIK (laser in situ keratomileusis) is a common vision correction surgical procedure that reshapes the cornea and is used to treat patients with near sightedness, short sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism. The latest laser vision correction technology is now available

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Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is one of the most common eye problems amongst patients and very often leads patients to ask for advice. Blurred vision is caused by a wide range of eye conditions and can be a symptom of a number

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Visual impairment

Some of the main causes of visual impairment today include: Cataracts Cataracts cloud the lens of the eye blocking light and resulting in a loss of vision clarity. They are very common and cause about 50% of blindness in the

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Eye Infections

Eye infections can invade the eyeball or the area around it – they are generally microorganisms that can be harmful, including viruses, bacteria and fungi. Causes and Types of Eye Infections Conjunctivitis is a common infection usually caused by bacteria

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Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

The central part of the retina (at the back of the eye) is called the macula and it has an important function as it controls the quality and sharpness of the central part of our vision. Over time, the macular

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