Having a cataract is a bit like having a dirty windscreen on a car. It can make the view cloudy or foggy or sometimes blurry. It can also cause glare from bright lights, sunshine, and on-coming headlights while driving. When these problems make your normal daily activities difficult, it is time consider the cataract operation. Modern small incision cataract surgery is highly successful in some patients. Cataracts do not permanently impair your vision and you will not go blind from a cataract. An operation will restore your sight. Most forms of cataract develop in adult life, and usually occur as we get older.

In the majority of cases we can remove the need for distance glasses and you may only need a pair of reading glasses. We also use multi intraocular lens implants they can give vision at both distance and near. Whilst trifocal intraocular lenses give vision at near, intermediate and distance. Although these may not be suitable for everyone, our doctors will assess you for the most suitable lens and multifocal IOLS to achieve spectacle independence.

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