Meet the Orthoptist

The orthoptist has a very special role within the team of eye specialists. The orthoptist is the expert who will initially examine your child to assess the development of the visual system, ensure that the eyes move normally and look for typical common problems such as strabismus (squint).

If there is any problem, the young patient may be referred to the ophthalmologist.

Examining children is a highly specialised task and demands not only a knowledge of childhood visual development but also all the potential disorders. Communicating with young children and understanding the problem and making the examination friendly and fun is another skill.

What’s the orthoptist looking for?

  • Vision clarity such as 20/20 vision
  • Eyes working together as a pair
  • Eye movement systems
  • Typical children’s conditions such as strabismus (squint/lazy eyes)

Your team of Optometrist, Orthoptist and Ophthalmologist work together to keep your eyes in good health and good working order.

The essential eye check

It may seem obvious but a regular check for all the members of the family is essential; as with those other specialists such as the doctor and dentist this should be an annual examination.

Childhood examinations are especially vital as most eye conditions can be treated very successfully up to the age of 8, whilst the child’s visual system is still developing.

Prevention is key for healthy eyes.

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