Meet the Ocularist

An Ocularist makes and fits artificial eyes. Our aim at Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi is to create a hand-crafted eye with a very natural look indistinguishable from the real eye. Made from acrylic, these artificial eyes are very strong, easy to maintain and are comfortable to wear. The Ocularist also provides a polishing and repair service.

The importance of the eye examination

  • Why?
  • Maintain healthy eyes and prevent eye disease even where there are no symptoms

  • What?
  • Children – strabismus (squint/lazy eye), which is very common
    Adults – diabetic eye disease, keratoconus and glaucoma

  • Who?
  • Children aged two and a half to three years
    All adults aged 40 and older
    Anyone with an eye disease or is at risk, i.e. with a family history of eye disease
    Every year for the people over 60 years

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