Atropine Drops

Atropine drops are used before eye examinations to dilate (open) the pupil which is the black part of the eye through which you see. It is also used to relieve pain caused by swelling and inflammation of the eye.

How Atropine effects the eyes?

Atropine has two effects when instilled in the eyes:

1) Dilates the pupil (makes the black part of the eye larger).

2) Stops the eye from focusing properly – blurring the child’s near vision temporarily.

Reasons why your child been prescribed Atropine?

Atropine has been prescribed to enable an eye care specialist to check the back of your child’s eyes and to determine if glasses are required. Atropine drops / ointment may be used when:

-> A child’s eyes have failed to dilate sufficiently with Cyclopentolate drops used in the clinic.

-> Your child has very dark coloured eyes; the additional pigmentation makes dilation more difficult.

Atropine can also be used on occasion to help ‘relax’ your child into their new glasses or to treat amblyopia (lazy eye).

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